How to Make the Ultimate Survival Food

Food is very much vital for a person’s emotional and mental state. It is also one of the main sources of energy and also maintains body temperature; as a result, many people find it hard to survive without this precious commodity. However, due to climatic dynamics and varied ways of life,

Survival Food
you might find yourself in a situation where you can’t make your favorite food and live a normal life. But since you need to have something on your table be it for you or your family, you will opt for survival food. The truth is that human bodies have been made to survive without food for some weeks; only if there is a plenty supply of water and comfort. Unfortunately, this might not
last for some months. Meaning that even if you are just surviving without food, you won’t do that for a long time. Fortunately, if you are in a surviving situation, you can as well make surviving foods just to keep you going as you hope for the best each new day. To be a victor in this situation, you need to make quick decisions regarding to how to find and prepare what you need to eat, so as to keep hunger at bay. You will be even luckier if you have some pots and stoves, even if they are manmade by you. This is all you need to make surviving food and live on. If you have never found yourself in such a situation, and you have no idea on what you need to make as
your ultimate survival food, read on and get the revelation here. 

Discover the right gear

First, you need to understand the situation you are in, and what can be found easily. For instance, if you happened to be a survivor of a hurricane or tornado, or you happen to find yourself in desert
perhaps because of being displaced or something, your ultimate option should be hunting. It will be more easier to hunt things like squirrels or even go fishing and make yourself an ultimate soup for survival.
If you happen to have other items in your backpack, then you can as well use them to liven up the meal. Even though fishing might need special fishing rods;
if you are in this situation, you should better improvise a fishing rod, and try by all means to get a fish, or even a trout for a meal. 

Fishes taste delicious when they are still fresh. Do this by keeping that fish away from sunlight that is after cleaning it. Proper cleaning makes sure all the impurities and bacteria are removed, and this can help you keep your fish for a long time. When the time for cooking comes, cook
it using the best and easiest method possible. For instance, you can boil it, bake it or even fry, depending on what you find convenient to you. Add some salt and pepper and have it taken by something like rice, before you call it a day. 

If you are lucky to have meat; either from hunting or even if you had carried canned meat with you, you can easily prepared it in your emergency kit. Depending on what you have, you can either boil it and salt it to taste, or fry it, add cooking oil, canned vegetables or peas, onions ( whether dried or chopped) and other spices. Then cook it through the means you think best, but also easy and quick so as to save that long cooking time you even might not have. Otherwise, if you have time, you can then ensure you cook it through the best means possible, so as to make it tasty and enjoyable. 

Perhaps this will help you forget about what you are going through for a moment. 

The peanut butter

If the situation came timely, you could opt for things such as peanut butter. However, this demands that you prepare at home before going out into the surviving situation. Take time before setting out to the surviving situation and make the following; take honey  of a cup, peanut butter like one cup, and oatmeal three cups. Heat a mixture of the peanut butter and honey at a low temperature.
Then pour your oatmeal on a pan and then add the mixture. Press the meal to make it flatten nicely after you have mixed them thoroughly. Cut the meal into bars and store them separately. Considering what you prefer, you can them add things like protein or green powders, dried fruits to mention a few. After you have done this, store the bar in a plastic bag, and ensure there is no any air in the bag; this will make them last longer. This will be a good meal to consume
for several months, even until your surviving period is over. 

Hardtack is also a better option

Perhaps you are wondering what Hardtack is. Hardtack is defined as a bleak of bread. Fortunately, you only require three main ingredients to make this bread. Have four to five cups of bread flour; two cups of water and two to three tablespoon salt or herbs. Mix the ingredients until
you have a smooth dough. Flatten the dough on a flat surface like a table; however, do not make it thicker than half an inch. Make them into squares, and poke small holes using your fork if you don’t have baking soda. The rest part will be cooking, and ensure to cook the pieces in an oven with a good baking sheet. Nevertheless, if you are in the wilderness, you only need to wrap the squares each into its own aluminum bed. Do this using foil, then place each piece near hot coals for thirty minutes; then you will be having your survival food to feast on. 

You can find other several survival foods you can opt for when in a surviving situation; nonetheless, they all depend on what you can easily get. Do not think of something you will not acquire easily, since that will block other ideas from streaming into your brain. The secret here is to be creative and creativity will be encouraged from what you see and found at the moment.  

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