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The thing that has crowded the minds of many individuals nowadays is the need to be successful. Everyone needs the best style of life and it’s no surprise that companies have found many ways

to exploit that. Coming up with vague ‘secrets’ of life that supposedly help you achieve all you have ever desired. Frankly, I find it difficult to locate the appeal in all this. When I came across Heather Matthew’s ‘Manifestation Miracle’, I thought to myself that this is no different than all the shady websites that have it all figured out because they supply with you some secret formula for life.

First things first, having checked the reviews, I was quite surprised to see that Manifestation Miracle had received its fair share of them, most of them being positive. They provided a 60 day trial and a complete refund if the process did not change my way of thinking. It seemed like a fair deal.

When it comes to techniques of Laws of Attraction, I’m no beginner so I know my way around these things. Manifestation Miracle surprised me with the way they had presented themselves in such

a through way. The procedure seemed quite adaptable and I felt that this could help a wide array of people. Personally, Manifestation Miracle helped me bolster my confidence and creativity by directing my power of attraction correctly.


Even though Manifestation Miracle is based around sound physics and metaphysics, it is written rather directly and practically. It is written to the point and is extremely effective. Something that

I found admirable was that the writer, Heather Mathew, did not go too into detail by theorizing his work and portraying it in such a way which becomes impossible to understand for the average reader. Rather, it sticks to basic and key factors which are easily understandable and that can actually help you turn your life around. This package will also keep you in touch with your spiritual path in a refreshing way. The book overflows with a wide range of exercises and techniques that compel the reader and keep it interesting. These exercises are also applicable to pretty much any individual.

Product Description:

The book provides readers with step by step exercises that are easily implemented to the given situation and have a high success rate. These are divided into 5 chapters.

Part 1: This part briefs you about the concept of manifestation. Basically this part is an introduction about what you will be studying and what you will be gaining and what you will have to do in order to make this work.  

Part 2: This part goes a little deeper, discussing what you want to do with your life and where do you see yourself in the future. This part has some answers that you need in order to recognize what it is that you desire from life.

Part 3: This part talks about something most of us lack, a natural desire to achieve. This part provides you with related exercises that can keep the flames of your desires lit.

Part 4: Following the previous part, part 4 makes sure that you perform the desires that were discussed in the previous part and act upon them accordingly.

Part 5: The final and 5th part of Manifestation Miracle gives you the bigger picture of things. This is where you will get to see the real picture and will get the results to see the law that works for you.

Like eating and sleeping, this is a continuous process that needs to be repeated in order to achieve your desired results.


Moving on to the cons, I felt that Manifestation Miracle perhaps overstates its emphasis on material gain. However, it should be noted that there are many people especially in financial dire straits who could really benefit from manifestation Miracle. Eventually with enough work and effort, these people will receive the rewards they seek. So as long as a person keeps a balance between their spiritual and materialistic ways of life, they will enjoy life to the fullest.

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Heather Mathew’s Manifestation Miracle did a fine job in bringing purpose to my life and rejuvenating my spirit. It helped eradicate the negativity from my life and helped me financially as well so it would be fair to say that I won’t be looking for a refund.  

Proving to be a great value for money, I would recommend Manifestation Miracle to anyone looking to add purpose to their lives. The books works wonders in the way it uses the power of attraction

to help people understand what it is that they really desire and how they can attain it.

Heather Matthew: The Creator of Manifestation Miracle

Heather Matthew is a life coach in certain ways. She has shared her personal experiences and gives you ideas and plans that can be applicable to your situation. Being a motivator, it is important to mold your words in such a way which speaks out to a larger audience. She has done exactly that and her exercises and words are relatable to a number of people. She has helped hundreds of regain their purpose of life so you have nothing to worry about.


The Manifestation Miracle and the whole Law of Attraction ideology isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but speaking from a personal point of view, if you want it to work it will do wonders for your personal development. 

It is true that the way Manifestation Miracle is written and presented may be difficult for some to follow but it gives an easy and ideal step by step guide which can improve your life. If given a proper chance, Manifestation Miracle can change your life.


What’s Next:

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*Disclaimer: results vary between one individual and another


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