The 3 Week Diet by Brian Flatt: Our In-Depth Investigation

*Disclaimer: results vary between one individual and anotherThe 3 Week Diet*Disclaimer: results vary between one individual and another

Are you not satisfied with your body? Have you been hearing people say that you have bulked up? Do you want to change that for good? Are you ready to lose weight? If you have answered all these with a “yes” then this 3-week diet and exercise plan is the best thing for you. All you need is the necessary motivation and discipline to follow this strict routine for twenty-one days and you will be in your dream body before you know it.

This 3-week diet and workout plan is created by Brian Flatt, who is a gym trainer, after observing the needs, wants and limits of his clients. He set off to create an ideal workout plan for anyone to follow and his hard work brought to life this exciting 3-weeks routine. This pack consists of three main things:

  •      A strict workout plan
  •     An adequate diet plan
  •     Tips and tricks on how to keep with the plan

Brian firmly believes that if people follow this plan with enough determination, they will not feel the need of any other plan and notice compelling changes in their bodies after three weeks.

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Brain reviewed almost five hundred medical studies and numerous diet books and read about hundreds of diet systems, programs, gadgets, supplements as well as potions. But, there are over twenty million books on diet and more than ten billion supplements, gadgets and pills in the market, per annum. Meaning, that not much information was used, not even references were made to medical classes or anatomy.

Rapid Weight Loss

This diet and workout plan is targeted towards normally healthy individuals that are otherwise fate. This plan is too strict and might be tough for certain people to endure. Especially people that are known to have a history of heart diseases, have been injured in the near past or have been static for way too long to endure this sudden burst of workout should observe caution.

How We Get Fat

Brian Flatt uses the already disproven calorie in/calorie out theory of weight loss in this program. He even claims that crabs have no impact on the weight you gain, which is preposterous. Though, by saying that we do not actually get fat by eating fats, he gets it right.

There is no such thing as a calorie in our bodies; but there are carbohydrates and sugars which, science and research prove, have a direct impact on obesity, hormonal disruption, diabetes, and other such problems.

After this, Brian talks about how it is important to burn more calories in order to get slimmer. But he never seems to talk about the specific acts that need to be done or the processes that need to be followed. He just emphasizes on following his system. Then again, you cannot talk about killing something (calories) that isn’t even real. In the latter parts of the books, he confuses his readers even further by mixing up the concepts of sugar and calories. He does not even seem to comprehend the sugar-insulin cycles and also the connection between hormones and hunger, energy or obesity.

Brian tries to narrow the large spectrum of our nutritional requirements into just 30 vitamins and minerals. There are over a hundred thousand known nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy and function properly. In a healthy person we can create non-essential fats, proteins and phytonutrients from the food we consume but if a person is sick then this ability of a person to produce his own nutrients is decreased and the nutrients essential for health become eighty thousand.

Apart from this, he also relies a great deal on whey protein that is very concerning because of a lack of bio-available proteins, contamination by antibiotic and growth hormone residue. It seems as if he is concerned with getting more profit than actually caring about the health of his customers as he emphasizes on using his preferred brands for supplements or else the workout will not be beneficial at all.

The undisputed Rules

Brian has mentioned four rules to follow if you don’t want to get fat. These rules have no scientific basis and are not even commonly known. They maybe his fabricated rules but these rules are definitely no followed by the human body.


Fasting is actually good for the human body but there are certain requirements for it to be beneficial rather are harmful. A body needs at least 48 hours to switch metabolic pathways but Brian insists on less than twenty-four hours which can be harmful.


Obviously, being an exercise trainer himself Brian has recommended excellent exercises and routines that will work for anyone who is healthy enough. The information on exercise provided in his book is spot on, accurate.

3-Week Diet Meal Plan

In his meals, he limits his customers to drink only water, in liquids. This is a good step as most of the people neglect the importance of water. His first day of the meal is lunch while the last being just before bed, this is simply a slap on all the health related studies that claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is required to get slim because of the increase in the metabolism.

The rest of the talk on this meal plan is calculating the amount of calories per meal which is very complicated and useless.

3-Week Diet Workout Plan

Despite getting most of the facts about the meals wrong the workout plan is up to the standards and he is right saying that consistency is the key to success. The exercises are explained perfectly with pictures that explain the process even further with more detail. Though the workout is really intense and one has to give it all of his energy and submission.

3-Week Diet Motivation Plan

Motivation is really important when losing weight one of the most effective things that Flatt mentions doing is that you should keep a journal. This journal will keep you motivated and account for this new life experience.

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*Disclaimer: Individual Resulst May Vary

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