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Hey Folks – thanks for stopping by to read my The Lost Ways Review, by Claude Davis.  Anyways, I’ll cut straight to the chase and get to the question you’re most likely here for:

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Have you ever pictured a scenario where the entire world is reduced to its knees by a natural disaster? Have you not heard of the many predictions by financial experts that we could be faced by unprecedented financial austere times? 

Well, we all know the possibility of these times falling on us is real but the sad fact is that we may not necessarily know how to handle it when it happens. If you are wondering how any ordinary human being would survive these harsh conditions, then your answer lies in The Lost Ways Program

But What Is It?

The Lost Ways is a program that offers a holistic approach on the essential practices needed to survive in different disastrous situations. The program is designed by Claude Davies and is a collection of expert tips, most of whom have been in various disastrous situations at some points in their lives. The program offers the necessary skills needed by an average human being in surviving harsh environmental, financial or military disasters without the modern-life conveniences of gas, power and a means to buy food.

The program offers modest and easy-to-practice tips such as baking bark bread and growing vegetables. In addition, it offers more complex strategies such as the construction of a courtyard smokehouse and a guide on how to make a long-lasting nutritious superb food by use  of simple ingredients.

In a nut shell, it brings into focus some of the primeval tactics used by our forefathers in overcoming gloomy situations. The author draws from the fact that while disasters of similar or greater magnitude struck our ancestors, they somehow always managed to go through it and land on a higher ground, using simple and basic survival tactics.

How It Works

The program brings to the fore some of the tactics used in surviving disasters by first of all enlightening people on how to be better prepared for the disasters. It also continues to explore certain strategies aimed at helping people overcome the disasters by equipping them with the energy and power needed in order for them to emerge unscathed. Lastly, it offers tips on how to reconstruct one’s life in the awake of a disaster.

Some of the practical tips explained include water preservation, as it illustrates how our forefathers stored water in ships for months on end. The program will also equip you with the skills needed in preparing tasty foods available in modern food stores such as Wal-Mart, just by  the use of simple ingredients.

Most importantly, the program offers valid points on how to remain safe and keep contact of all your family members in the face of these disasters, with the absence of technological conveniences such as a phone, radio, power, gas and a means of transportation. In a nut shell, it is a program that encompasses all the tips and tricks used by peppers, both in bugging in as well as in bugging out scenarios. Perhaps the best part lies in the fact that the skills gained in reading this program will enable you to leave a longer and healthier life. A quick glance at these skills and benefits include the following;

  • Learning how to build an efficient kitchen without reliance on electricity or a refrigerator,
  • Learning the secrets of long food storage without the fear of expiry dates,
  • Learning of the tips on how to prepare delicious and highly-nutritious meals that are both healthy and free of contaminants,
  • Learning on how to survive in a cashless world, should the money system collapse tomorrow 
  • Ultimately guaranteeing a longer life and sound health.

The Author

The Lost Ways Program is authored by Claude Davies. Claude is, however, not your ordinary guy as he feels so passionately about this program and is already living by example. 

He is a very old-fashioned guy who is living in total readiness for unprecedented disasters. He has a 150-square-foot cellar where he stores all his food and also has a hand-built cabin

from which he drinks. 

Through the analysis and compilation of tips from various experts, Davies designed the program to show that what is covered is not rocket science as he is backed with real accounts of people who have
been in real disastrous situations. Davies claims that some of these people faced some life-threatening scenarios but used their ingenuity in surviving their conditions by making use of basic survivalist strategies highlighted in the book.

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 The Lost Ways Bonus Books:

Pros and Cons

Like any other program, the lost ways has several advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the advantages of the program;

  • It offers the best solutions that are easy to follow,
  • The program is self-reliant; hence the reader does not need any expert to explain it,
  • The program offers practical ways on how to protect one’s life as well as that of one’s family and the society and
  • There is a 24-hour customer care service, just in case you need anything expounded.

The disadvantages are

  • Its availability in only-digital format makes it impossible to access without the reach of the internet,
  • It is cumbersome to go through the entire course as one has to be keen and read through everything and
  • The program tends to focus much on disasters, thereby appearing to hype the notion that anything that could go wrong will go wrong sooner or later.

the lost ways

 Additional Perks

The Lost Ways program does not come without bonuses and some of the most notable ones include

A comprehensive guide on what to plant in your backyard in preparation for austere times as well as a step-by-step guide on how to construct your own can rotation system



The Lost Ways program is by far one of the best survival programs ever designed. It does not only remind people of the inevitable dangers lurking around us, it also offers real and practical solutions on how to withstand the dangers, emerge stronger and reconstruct one’s life. For this reason, the Lost Ways program should be recommended, not only to individuals but even to those who work in high-risk humanitarian conditions such as in war-torn, hunger-stricken and areas riddled with a deadly pandemic.

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  1. I ordered this book and you charged my account but i have not yet recieved my book as of 8/39/2016 was wondering what went wrong also it came with 3 bonus books

    • Hi Tina

      I received my OWN physical copy within a week, so there very well be a problem with the post office or
      something. Keep in mind this is not my product, I’m just recommending it. You should be able to email their support to get that straightened out.

    • If you pick up The Lost Ways, you’ll also get access to two EXCLUSIVE reports that will NOT be available for much longer.

  2. sounds like this book would fit in with how i think already. i’m learning to be an iron age tailor and will soon be weaving my own cloth. i know enough about bladesmithing that i can produce a well built and serviceable knife and i’ve studied up on a lot of what this book offers. looks like it would be a great addition to my library.

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