The Procedure of Making Pemmican, the Ultimate Survival Food


Before starting to tell you the process of making Pemmican, I have something to confess: I was always interested to make Pemmican, from the day I got to known its recipe from The Lost Ways, outstanding collection regarding survival information which is both published and edited by Claude Davis.

It is the recipe of natives of North America and it was also in the use of Indian scouts before the dawn of western explorers. Both these people had to spend their majority time while travelling so they had to immerse their whole faith in this portable, highly nutritious, full of energy and filling foods which will go for a long duration of time.  A friend named Alan was heard talking about me on so many different occasions. He likes me to enrich his food basket with nutritious food. Last weekend to fulfill his wish, I dropped all my awesome plans of resting at home and watching TV and went to his home to give him a bucket full of surprise and I also packed up all the required ingredients that were necessary to shoot a DIY pemmican video.

I took my camera with me and marched toward the door. Before going to Alen’s place I had to make a stop at a native market and bought what we would need to make a group of pemmican. The ingredients are really simple, you just need

  • Beef, 6lbs
  • Rendered Beef Tallow, 2lbs
  • Blueberries, 3oz

When I reached there and shared my idea with Alan, he became too much excited about the whole plan. We reached on the terms that we will have to do all the talking and I will be filming the whole process.

The whole brain behind the filming of pemmican was to let my all reader here on “BestSkillsforlife” know that they have this video guide if they are interested to make their own delicious, healthy and nutrition’s rich pemmican.  With the plus point of being enriched with nutritious, this can be called a standalone survival food. To your surprise and to enhance your pemmican knowledge, it is not bad in taste either. During the time, it will leave an impact on you


I hope that this video had made your day and you had enjoyed it a lot. And this video also kicks you to try making one of your own pemmican by yourself.  Also keep this in mind that many other essential survival secrets of our great grandparents are still waiting to be tapped. And if you are interested to know get The Lost Ways book then click on the picture underneath for more.

Knowing Alec Deacon

Alec is the sole proprietor of Backyard He is very much eager to about the best fit ways of survival and constantly works for the possible ways to safe guard his family. His family consists of his wife Ana and two boys, David and Andrew that means the whole universe to Alec. Alec used to work as a hygiene food inspector in a renowned United States firm, and was the in charge of the food safety department. While he was working there, he had invested a lot of time learning about food: cooking, freezing, storing and transporting them… in short everything under the food safety section belongs to Alec. Alec is also a huge admirer of outdoor living. Fishing craps is among the main things he love to do the most and to our surprise fishing is also the most oldest and the most
basic survival skills.

 the lost ways

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